fallout doooodlies


all these god damn triangles

tea time
(i definitely want to come back to this and make it a lot more polished when i’m not on end-of-term crunchtime)

i drew agnes for the first time in 40 years
lady on the bottom is from beesmygod's comic a ghost story, go check it out also bc it’s good and funny and full of terrible people

34”x20” oil paint

this is done too! my digital design final was to create a dvd cover of the movie poster from our midterm. 

sorry about all the WIPs and lack of finished pieces! i’d just feel bad leaving this blog barren

my final is getting on pretty well though! i’ve got to fix the colors and adjust some things tonight, and tomorrow i’ll do little details to clean it up and finish it off

\( ‘v’ )/

i’m all outta cad yellow so the painting’s on hold til tomorrow afternoon

mock-up #1 for design final